3 Sisters Horse Trails

We offer rides to experienced riders who may take an exhilarating canter in the surf, or explore the hills and valleys on open farmland down to the river.

Those who have never or seldom ridden horses before will love the safe and scenic dune forest trails, with the added option of a walk down the dunes and along the edge of the sea, for the braver ones.

Children, bring your parents to unwind on a peaceful and scenic ride through indigenous forest with stunning views of the sea and river. Bring some carrots to feed to our friendly ponies after your ride.

Regular discounted Riding Club outrides for local riders -     see link on left for more info.

Please note that our maximum weight is 95kg.

We can offer outrides of 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours, 1/2 day or several days - please see links on the left for full details of these and our accommodation options.

We do not have set times for our rides so please phone or email to check times or make a booking, preferably at least a day or two in advance if possible.

When making a booking, please provide your cell number, and weights/level of experience for each rider (eg ride regularly, ride occasionally, used to ride, never ridden before).

Hiking Trails

We offer a 2-day camping/riding adventure which includes – a horse ride on the beach (1.5hrs), a hike along the river through the forest (1.5hrs), a night at River Treehouse, picnic/braai meals (lunch, supper, breakfast), transport for your gear to/from camp.

Please note that the treehouse is set in remote wilderness, far from the usual amenities (bathrooms/ electricity/ tap water/ cell phone reception) that you would find in town.

The camp is suitable only for adventurous 'outdoor' people who are happy to live a few days without such things and who enjoy hiking, camping, and living out in nature!

The treehouse is found on a hiking trail, 3.5km along the river through the forest the farmhouse. Your gear can be delivered to a luggage drop off point 200 meters from camp.

Our camping accommodation is not recommended for children under 6.

See links – Shipwreck Hiking Trail for details on longer hikes.